The skincare line that saved my skin after baby #2

As a makeup artist, I always stress the importance of #skincare. Skin that is loved on and well-nourished allows for a flawless makeup finish so you can imagine the betrayal I felt after realizing that the products I had been using on my skin for well over 5 years completely STOPPED WORKING for me after I had my second child (let's add turning 35 too). Makeup was no longer sittin' pretty on my face and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED is what I kept asking myself. I had successfully breastfed this little human of mine for 14 months and once that journey came to an end, my face GOT WORSE! Sis, you read that went from bad to worse! I thought it was due to hormonal changes from being postpartum and breastfeeding but the dry patches, acne, flaky skin, and rashes never went away. I completely stopped using the (costly) line that I had trusted for years and my skin still felt dry as the Sahara Desert coupled with being flaky all over. I went back to the drawing board by introducing new products one by one and wasted a ton of money until a lightbulb went off in my head.

The benefit of being a makeup artist and having returning clients is that I get to have 1:1 time with their skin and I get to see how their skin remains consistent or evolves over time. I have several clients that have had issues with their skin and they decided to turn to Urban Skin Rx. Lucky for me, I had a front-row seat to see their skin transition. I, ultimately, chose to do the same. After throwing away money on other skincare products, I wanted to start off slow and CHEAP when I decided to dip my toe in the Urban Skin Rx water. So when I saw their Instagram page advertise a $25 Merry Minis Best Seller Trio, ya girl immediately added it to the online shopping cart. BEST. DECISION. EVER. The trio included a mini Even Tone cleanser, mini Super C brightening serum, and mini Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask & Scrub. Now, let me go on record and say no one has sponsored or paid me to provide this review so when I tell you that my skin immediately felt different...IT. FELT. DIFFERENT. It felt clean, it didn't hurt to smile afterward (I hope that makes sense) and it kept getting better as I continued to use it.

So here I am, sharing with you the products that I've added to my skincare routine ever since my $25 Merry Minis Best Seller Trio ran out. If you're interested in trying the line out, I'd suggest starting with a travel or value size kit and email me for 20% off your FIRST ORDER. I've also subscribed to their quarterly Beauty Box which contains surprises including full-size products, new product launches, and premium travel sizes for only $39.99


Thank you to my SONshine for making mommy go through this skincare journey! LOL